Posing. It needn’t be a dirty word.

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Posing. It needn’t be a dirty word.

‘I hate posing and having my photo taken’ said by nearly every person ever!

It needn’t be so scary. You are marrying someone who loves you and thinks you are ridiculously beautiful. Nothing else matters.

Photos of you both looking hot shouldn’t involve the cheese police having to being called.

Ok, so I’m going to let you in on a little secret… The majority of wedding photographers dread taking ‘romantic’ photos of couples.  On the flip side a heck of a lot of couples feel queasy at the thought of posing together on their wedding day!

So why do we do it?

Because, done right, it can be a fun experience which gives you a set of photos that you can look back on and remember – Dang that was an amazing day….we looked pretty dam hot, too!

A lot of couples that I talk to when booking their wedding photography tell me ‘we hate posing for photos’. Usually this nightmare has come from attending a wedding in which they have watched a bride and groom being forced to run through the Kamasutra guide of wedding poses (O.k., so that’s not a real thing, I made it up for dramatic effect! I’m guessing you get what I’m on about though).

Posing needn’t be cringey and weird. It can be as simple as a walk in the park (or a beautiful wedding venue).


So let’s work together and smash this wedding photography lark!


Every wedding I have photographed, the newlyweds have come away from their couples shoot talking about how much they enjoyed themselves!

I really believe this is down to my approach and generally being a chilled out chap who is able to put people at ease. I’m also not super comfortable on the other side of the camera either, so I would never ask you to do something I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing.  

I’m there to offer tips should you want any.  I doubt you will, as I’ll be snapping away while you are both chatting and laughing about the incredible day you are having!

Ultimately if you hate posing or feel uncomfortable with the idea of taking ‘couples shots’, don’t do them. It won’t make your wedding less of a wedding! It’s your day, do whatever the heck you want to do!


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